Industrial Camera Software

The manufacturer-independent software for recording and processing live image data.

industrial camera software

Key features

  • Live view with pseudo colors, profiles and histograms.
  • Many cameras and manufacturers supported, including AVT, Basler, Baumer, The Imaging Source and all cameras with GenICam technology. Almost any camera can be added on request.
  • Harmonized camera setup for all models with external triggering and XML files to save and load settings.
  • Live image processing and analysis, including noise reduction, Fourier transform and Gaussian fits.
  • Regions-of-Interest for image processing and statistical analysis (circular, rectangular and polygon-shaped).
  • cross-hair
  • 16-bit color maps to uncover hidden details from high color depth cameras.
  • Network-feature for controlling multiple software instances.
  • Across-the-room result viewer in an extra window with customizable text size and freely configurable colors.
  • Customizable graphical user interface to perfectly fit on dual display desktop systems and on laptops.
  • Live image deactivation during image series acquisition for maximum performance, even on weak hardware.
  • Open and simple file formats for efficient post-processing.
  • Modular software concept allowing quick customization of analysis and visualization.
  • Simple, yet flexible licensing model.


  • Live Image Viewer for all cameras based on GenICam technology.
  • Adjustment – with a dynamic crosshair on the fitted centroid and a result viewer featuring readability from across the room and laser goggle friendly colors.
  • Synchronizing Multiple Cameras – with external trigger sources and properly enumerated file names.
  • Acquisition of image series with external triggering.
  • Synchronized image series from multiple cameras.
  • Beam characterization and analysis / laser beam profiler – with calculation and visualization of fits and statistical parameters.

Built with Experience

Our industrial camera software contains the experience from yearlong research in top-ranking international research facilities. We know the user perspective and we are always happy about talks on new features and applications.

We often get the feedback from our customers, that our software is highly intuitive and thoroughly thought through.